Mighty Megaman(MONG Post)

So, I wrote this thing for MiddleOfNowhereGaming.com when a joke I made kind of inspired a new feature for the site. I’m not the biggest Megaman fan out there (prefer X or Legends, really) but still wanted to write a gritty-ish fanfic leading up to Mighty Number 9‘s release. Admittedly, it was written during a more optimistic time when we thought MN9 would be a good game… so, whatever. Special thanks to MONG’s Jordan Loeffler for editing this one!


Rock blinks — his optical sensors readjusting to what lies ahead. His blue, dome-shaped helmet is cracked just above his right eye. The fingers of his right hand twitch, tiny servos whirring while gripping the left hand — currently in buster mode, formed into a cannon. Emitting a red light from the cannon’s maw, Rock charges as much energy as possible into the next blast… but as he blinks again, one thought occurs to him:

This must be what real fear is like.
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